About StartSkins

What is StartSkins?
Startskins is the new way to search the internet! Are you tired of seeing your boring homepage each time you open your browser? Start searching in style! With Startskins, you can customize your homepage with skins, images, links, and more, to make it look the way you want it to look!

What Can I Do with StartSkins?

Homepage Skins
A skin is a combination of a background image and colors used to customize your homepage. Browse our gallery and choose from a wide variety of our skins, or upload a background image from your computer, search directly from the search engines or just design your very own! We provide a convenient live preview in our theme builder so that you can see how your changes look as you make them.

Skin Builder

This is where you can customize your own skin! Add your background, adjust the text and button colors and instantly you have your customized homepage!

Upload Images

Add pictures of your friends, family or other fun images to your StartSkins page. See your loved ones every time you open your browser.

Manage Links
Have sites you visit often? Add them to your links section. The links will be displayed under your search box making navigating to the sites you want to get to quicker and easier.

Add Widgets and Flash Toys

Now play games, set countdowns, add post it notes and more directly on your homepage! Grab a flash toy from a website such as FreeCodeSource.com and insert the flash embed code of the toy or widget and have it instantly appear on your skin!

Add the Facebook Widget

Update your status, run through the live newsfeed, check your notifications along with your mail! All in one widget on your homepage!

Add the Twitter Widget

Don't worry about going directly to Twitter anymore! View the newsfeed and update your Twitter on your StartSkin!

Add the Weather Widget

Find out the daily forecast directly on your homepage! This widget will detect your location and give you a 5 day forecast for the week! Also, gives you a worldwide map!

Add YouTube™ Videos

With the flash embed feature, you can also add your favorite Youtube™ videos directly on to your homepage!

Add Text

Add text anywhere on your page. Change the colors, size, font family, and more. Even link your texts to websites!

Rotate Your Skins

This feature allows you to rotate as many skins as you would like to appear on each refresh of your homepage!

My Skins
In the My Skins area, you can save as many created skins as you want as well as directly from the Skin Gallery!

Check your Email!

Once you open your browser, there is no need to open up another tab or window to check your e-mails! Why? Because its on your homepage now! Check your Gmail, Yahoo, MSN/Hotmail, Aol and Pop3 account directly on your StartSkin!

Search Settings:

Web Search Engine:

Maybe you prefer Google™, Yahoo! or maybe Bing for searching the web? Don’t restrict yourself to 1 single search engine, with StartSkins you can browse the web with multiple search engines! Simply navigate to the Settings area and select which search engines you want to use by default (ex: Web – Google™ , Yahoo!, Bing, Ask). The choice is yours!

Image Search Engine:

What website do you use to search for your images on the web? Google™ Images, Photobucket or maybe Flickr? Well, StartSkins has all of them in one! Search from multiple image search engines!

Video Search Engine:

Once again, don't restrict yourself to 1 search engine! You can now browse videos from various websites such as Google™ Video, YouTube™ , Daily Motion and more!

Other features:
   Search from multiple news, maps and shopping search engines!
   Hide the search engine logo!
   Drag the search bar anywhere on your skin!
   Crop and resize your backgrounds!
...and more!

Do I Need to Download or Install Anything?
No, you don't need to download anything! That’s what makes Startskins so easy!
All you need to do is set your StartSkin as your home/startpage. Instructions for doing this are provided after creating your page.

Have an Idea?
We're focused on building StartSkins around what our users want.
Have an idea to make StartSkins better? Feel free to contact us at support@startskins.com and let us know.

Need Help? Contact Us!
Although Startskins is an easy process, we can still help you out with your problems.
Contact us at support@startskins.com.

Search Providers

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